About Us

Sankofic Gems aims to educate while enhancing your attire with high-quality, handmade, African products. Our mission is to educate about the contribution, cultures, history, and significance of Africa. 

In addition, we work to provide permanent employment for communities living in rural Nairobi, Kenya. All of our products are fashion-forward, sophisticated, and made with the highest quality materials.

"This is Women Work"

Since its beginning, women have been the face of the fashion and accessories industry, in addition to being the producers & consumers of products. Despite this fact, the fashion industry has been & remains male-dominated. Sankofic Gems creates a special space for women of African ancestry to not only produce an income using their talents, but also to build a lasting  economic base & have a seat at the table. “This is Women's Work” is our promise to remain 100% black-women-owned.

In Africa

We have partnered with Sokovine Handmade Products & Jackie’s Galley, two small businesses owned by the best friend duo Khadija, mother of two boys, & Jackie, a rising fashion designer. These women created their companies as platforms to give others in their communities a way to earn an income. They’re artisans that make jewelry, skilled seamstresses, & leaders among women in their communities. They hire & train each of their workers in addition to encouraging & investing in their individual talents. Sokovine & Jackie’s Gallery, create a variety of styles from many ethnic groups such as the Maasai, Zulu, Kikuyu, & many others.


In America

Hello, my name is Mattye Crowley. I was born & raised in Denver, Colorado, & identify as African in America. I earned my B.A. in Africana Studies at Metro State University of Denver, CO. I am the mother of two sons, one of whom has a seizure condition that prevented me from working a traditional 9 to 5. I am the owner of Sankofic Journey, through which I create quality, fact-based, black history children’s books and corresponding curriculum; Sankofic Education through which I create programs such as The Inclusive Family Workshop Series which focuses on non-black adoptive parents of black children; & last-but not least- Sankofic Gems, which is the new home of Sankofic Journey’s Motherland Collection.

The Black Dollar


Together Sankofic Gems, Sokovine Handmade Products & Jackie’s Gallery have set out to create a 100% black economic exchange. Each purchase from our store directly uplifts black lives and adds to the longevity of the black dollar in the black community here and abroad.

Those People You Uplift With Each Purchase