About us

Sankofic Gems is a  shop that specializes in African fashion and accessory items. We aim to spread awareness about Africa's contributions, cultures, history, and significance while also improving clothing with excellent, handcrafted African items. Moreover, we strive to offer steady job opportunities for those residing in rural areas of Nairobi, Kenya.

Throughout history, women have been an integral part of the fashion and accessories industry, serving both as producers and consumers of various products. Despite this fact, the industry has largely been controlled by men. Sankofic Gems aims to provide individuals of African descent with an opportunity to earn a living through their unique talents and skills. Rather than simply striving for a place at the table, the goal is to establish a sustainable economic foundation that is entirely our own.

In Africa

Khadija and Jackie have established their businesses to provide opportunities for individuals in their communities to generate income. They specialize in crafting unique jewelry, possessing advanced sewing skills, and serving as role models for women in their communities. They take on the responsibility of personally hiring and training all their workers while nurturing their talents. Every transaction contributes directly to supporting these individuals.

In America

Greetings, my name is Mattye Crowley and I hail from Denver, Colorado. I consider myself to be of African American heritage. I obtained a degree in Africana Studies from the Metropolitan State University of Denver. I have two sons, one of whom suffers from seizures, which has made it difficult for me to work a traditional 9 to 5 job. My business, Sankofic Journey, creates children's books and corresponding curricula based on factual black history. Through Sankofic Education, I run programs such as The Inclusive Family Workshop Series, which focuses on non-black adoptive parents of black children. Lastly, I also have Sankofic Gems. Recently, my family and I moved to DeSoto, Texas and are located inside Grow DeSoto Marketplace.

324 E Belt Lind Rd.
Suite 612
DeSoto Tx 75115

We aim to establish jobs that are adaptable to individual needs, which we refer to as flexjobs. These jobs are intended for mothers and individuals with disabilities. My motivation for creating flexjobs arose after experiencing job loss resulting from my son's seizures, which was unjust. Rather than terminating our top employees due to uncontrollable circumstances, we provide them with the necessary space and time to attend to urgent matters without jeopardizing their employment. As a beauty enterprise specializing in African accessories, our objective is to accentuate natural beauty using our products. We also strive to educate customers about the heritage and cultural relevance of our merchandise. We trust that confidence and self-love reflect true beauty, which stems from comprehending our past and the wisdom and strength of our predecessors. Thus, we acknowledge the significance of grounding our conception of beauty in our ancestral triumphs over obstacles.

Our Artisans

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